In a partnership aimed at fortifying resilience and promoting volunteerism, the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA) and the Makati Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Office held a consultation meeting at the PNVSCA office last 20 November 2023. The meeting marked a pivotal moment in preparing for Makati City’s 2023 National Volunteer Month (NVM) and International Volunteer Day (IVD) celebration. 

The upcoming celebration on 4 December 2023 is set to feature a daylong knowledge exchange that aims to create a platform where community members can share experiences, insights, and strategies toward building a more resilient and connected city. Recognizing the power of a unified community, the celebration seeks to inspire residents to actively engage in volunteer activities that contribute to the well-being of the city. 

Makati DRRM Office’s Fleda Rose L. Castro conveyed enthusiasm for the exchange and, ultimately, the collaboration with PNVSCA, expressing that these initiatives embody the city’s dedication to fostering unity and resilience. Likewise, Executive Director Donald James D. Gawe of PNVSCA shared the Makati DRRM Office’s zeal, affirming that the city’s upcoming NVM and IVD celebration is a good opportunity for residents to connect, learn, and contribute towards a more resilient Makati. 

A key focus of the meeting was to support Makati City’s endeavor of building a robust volunteer network. The goal is to support and strengthen the city’s strategies that cultivate and advance mutual and public help. Also crucial to the discussions was the existing volunteer management system project of Makati City, which seeks to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and establish an organized system for mobilizing volunteers.

Representatives from both organizations asserted their commitment to ensuring the success of these initiatives, underscoring the importance of a concerted approach to community resilience and volunteerism.


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