The Search for Outstanding Volunteers (SOV) is the centerpiece activity of the National Volunteer Month (NVM) which is observed every December pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 55, s. 1998. This is the strategy of the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA) to undertake advocacy for the promotion of volunteerism as a tool for development as mandated by Republic Act No. 9418 or the Volunteer Act of 2007.


    The Search for Outstanding Volunteers aims to identify and recognize outstanding Filipino volunteers and volunteer organizations for their exemplary performance and achievements in empowering communities and promoting volunteerism as a way of life, contributory to nation-building.


    The Search will cover volunteering programs/projects/activities (PPAs) that were conducted in the Philippines, excluding volunteer service done for family members, for religious or indoctrination purposes, and initiatives which are part of the National Service Training Program and extension programs of academic institutions.

    For purposes of the Search, the following definitions shall be used:

    1. Volunteer refers to individual/s who for reasons arising from their socio-developmental, business and corporate orientation, commitment or conviction, contribute time, service and resources, whether on full-time or part-time basis to a just and essential social development cause, mission or endeavor in the belief that their activity is mutually meaningful and beneficial to public interest as well as to themselves.

    2. Non-Profit pertains to non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization/s, including private academic institution/s and employees’ associations in the government that implement volunteer program/s by mobilizing and engaging volunteers to provide services and assistance in socio-economic, humanitarian, civic and cultural development activities.

    3. Corporate refers to private business companies and Government-owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCC) that implement volunteer program/s either as a component of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or initiated and supported by the employee group, where employees are mobilized and engaged to volunteer their time, skills and resources for socio-economic, humanitarian, civic and cultural development activities.


    National Outstanding Volunteer Award (NOVA)

    The National Outstanding Volunteer Award (NOVA) is conferred to individuals or organizations for their exceptional contribution to the development agenda of the national government that resulted in positive outputs within the duration set by the Search. The categories under NOVA are:

    1. Individual
      • Youth
      • Adult
    2. Organization
      • Non-Profit
      • Corporate
    3. Special Award for LGU

      The Special Award for LGU is conferred to LGUs that implement outstanding volunteer programs that promote the participation of the civil society in local governance.


    The Search is open to the following:

    1. Individuals of Filipino citizenship;
    2. Filipino or local chapters of foreign/international non-profit organizations;
    3. Filipino or local chapters of foreign/international corporate organizations; and
    4. Local government units with volunteer programs

    Nominators shall ensure that the nominees meet the minimum requirements for each category, as follows:

    1. Individual

      • Must be eighteen (18) to thirty (30) years old for the youth category and at least thirty-one (31) years old for the adult category at the time of submission of nomination;
      • Has been consistently and continuously providing volunteer assistance or implementing volunteer program/s or project/s in the last three (3) years for the youth and for the last five (5) years for the adult category.
      • The volunteer service or assistance to which the nominee is being nominated for shall also be within the same period; and
      • Has not been found guilty of crime or offense involving moral turpitude.

    2. Organization

      • Has been providing volunteer assistance consistently and continuously for the last five (5) years for the non-profit category and for the last three (3) years for the corporate category at the time of submission of nomination. The volunteer service or program to which the organization is being nominated for shall also be implemented within the same period; and
      • The organization must be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or PNVSCA or other duly recognized accrediting government institution; or recognized as a volunteer organization by the local government, local institution or community being provided with volunteer services.

    3. Special Award for LGU

      Has been implementing a volunteer program consistently and continuously for the last four (4) years and has an existing mechanism that promotes civil society participation in local governance.


    1. The nomination forms and the Regional Search Committee directory may be downloaded from https://bit.ly/SOV2022NOMINATION
    2. The nomination may be done by the nominee himself/herself/themselves (self-nomination) or by another individual/organization.
    3. The deadline for nomination is September 15, 2022.
    4. Nominators shall accomplish the nomination form and directly submit the same to the concerned Regional Search Committee (RSC) covering the area where majority of the volunteer program, project, or service of the nominee is implemented. (For example, the nomination of a volunteer/organization whose programs/projects/activities’ beneficiaries are in Region IV-A must be submitted to NEDA CALABARZON).
    5. The nomination form must be supported by documentary evidence as deemed necessary. Supporting documents must be submitted on or before the RSC deliberation period. All documents shall be organized into one (1) file folder.

    Regional Search Committee E-mail Address
    NEDA CAR car@neda.gov.ph
    NEDA I nro1@neda.gov.ph
    NEDA II nro2@neda.gov.ph
    NEDA III nro3@neda.gov.ph / nedagitnangluzon@gmail.com
    NEDA CALABARZON rdc@calabarzon.neda.gov.ph / drd@calabarzon.neda.gov.ph
    NEDA MIMAROPA mimaropa@neda.gov.ph / neda4b@gmail.com
    NEDA V nro5@neda.gov.ph
    NEDA VI nro6@neda.gov.ph
    NEDA VII nro7@neda.gov.ph
    NEDA VIII nro8@neda.gov.ph
    NEDA IX nro9@neda.gov.ph
    NEDA X nro10@neda.gov.ph
    NEDA XI nro11@neda.gov.ph
    NEDA XII nro12@neda.gov.ph
    NEDA Caraga caraga.neda@gmail.com
    BARMM-BPDA bpda@bangsamoro.gov.ph
    NCR info@pnvsca.gov.ph

    1. Nominees who did not qualify for the national award during the previous SOV and SOCV may be re-nominated.
    2. Previous national awardees of the SOV are no longer eligible to be nominated. Previous SOCV awardees and nominees may be re-nominated.
    3. Nomination of the organization and the head of the same organization in the same year is not allowed.
    4. Members of the NSC are not eligible to nominate.


    Recognition of regional and national awardees shall be organized by the RSC and PNVSCA, respectively. The recognition rites shall also serve as a venue for the awardees to share their outstanding accomplishments.


    1. PNVSCA will provide trophies/plaques to national awardees.
    2. RSCs will provide plaques and certificates to regional awardees and nominees, respectively.