The International Volunteer Program is one of the major components of the National Volunteer Service Program being implemented by PNVSCA. Through this program, technical assistance is provided by foreign volunteers to national government agencies, local government units (LGUs), academic institutions and non-government organizations (NGOs) in the spirit of technical cooperation and cultural sharing.

Who May Request for Volunteer

National government agencies, local government units, academic institutions and non-government organizations may request for volunteer assistance.

Procedures for Filing and Processing of Requests

  1. Submit a completed Request for Volunteer Assistance Form to PNVSCA.
  2. PNVSCA in coordination with the NEDA Regional Office and foreign volunteer organization will conduct an assessment of the request to determine the merit and indicative timetable for volunteer assistance. This may include a project presentation by the requesting organization and a site visit by the representative of the foreign volunteer organization, NEDA or PNVSCA.
  3. Upon positive result of the assessment, PNVSCA will approve the request and endorse it to the concerned foreign volunteer organization.
  4. The foreign volunteer organization will initiate recruitment and selection of volunteer candidates based on the terms of reference provided in the request.

Roles and Responsibilities of Volunteer Host Organizations

Orientation to the volunteer which includes project briefing, introduction to the local officials and important institutions and personalities and integration with the community. Provision of support to the volunteer such as:

  • Office space
  • Equipment, supplies and materials needed in the performance of the volunteer’s tasks
  • Transportation for project-related travels
  • Counterpart worker to enhance sharing of knowledge, skills and technology
  • Modest accommodation or assistance in securing one
  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Assignment of project manager or supervisor to oversee and monitor volunteer activities and performance including the submission of prescribed reports.
  • Assistance in ensuring the safety and security of the volunteer.
  • Participation in events and activities promoting volunteerism and allowing volunteer’s participation in these events and activities.
  • Timely coordination with PNVSCA and foreign volunteer organization in all matters affecting volunteer assignment such as transfer, reassignment, early termination of contract, conflict between volunteer and project staff or community, personal problems and any untoward incident which may happen to the volunteer.


Australian Volunteers for
International Development 

Forum Civil Peace Service

France Volontaires

Global Initiative for Exchange
and Development, Inc.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für
Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Japan Overseas
Cooperation Volunteers

Korea Overseas Volunteers

Organization for Industrial, Spiritual
and Cultural Advancement

United States Peace Corps

United Nations Volunteers,

Voluntary Service Overseas