WHEREAS, the Philippine government has encouraged the promotion of volunteer service programs for national and international development and understanding;

WHEREAS, to maximize the benefits that may be derived from volunteer service programs, it is necessary to place them under the close supervision of a single government agency;

WHEREAS, it has been noted that due to lack of coordination, there are volunteer service organizations from foreign countries whose performance cannot be gauged properly as to the necessity of their presence in this country;

WHEREAS, it is necessary to strengthen the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency so that it can effectively formulate guidelines, policies, organize and coordinate volunteer service programs in the country;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order:

SECTION 1. Title—The Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Office (PNVSCO) shall hereinafter be named Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA).

SEC. 2. The Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency hereinafter referred to as the Agency shall remain under the Office of the President and shall be under the close administrative supervision of the Presidential Executive Assistant.

SEC. 3. Aims and Objectives—The Agency shall have the following goals and objectives:

a) Formulate policies and guidelines concerning volunteer service plans and programs;

b) Coordinate programs and activities of domestic and all foreign governmental and private voluntary organizations in order that their services may be made to fit into the total national development goals;

c) Act as clearing house for all matters pertaining to volunteer service;

d) Organize and implement the national volunteer service program to give the educated youth and adults a constructive opportunity to use their talent and skills for national development and in carrying out programs of international cooperation;

e) Serve as liaison between domestic and all foreign governmental and private voluntary organizations, including the United Nations Volunteer Program under UNDP;

f) Strengthen and promote volunteer service through conferences, seminars, training sessions and other related activities;

g) Administer all funds from all sources, including foreign aid in accordance with accounting and auditing requirements; receive gifts, donations, bequests and subventions from public and private entities, associations and private persons; and

h) Perform other functions and duties as may be provided by law.

SEC. 4. Organization—The Agency shall be headed by a Director and assisted by a professional staff, and employees who shall be appointed by the Director in accordance with the Civil Service law and rules.

SEC. 5. Duties and Functions of the Director—The Director shall have the following duties and functions:

a) Implement the plans and programs of the Philippine Volunteer Service Program;

b) Advise and assist the Presidential Executive Assistant of the Office of the President on matters pertaining to volunteer services;

c) Provide consultative and advisory services to the various government and private agencies on matters pertaining to volunteer service;

d) Develop plans, programs and operating standards and techniques for the promotion of the objectives and functions of the Agency; and

e) Perform such other functions as may be assigned to the Director by the Presidential Executive Assistant relating to volunteer services.

SEC. 6. Creation of Multi-Sectoral Advisory Body—There is hereby created a multi-sectoral advisory body to encourage the widest participation of both government and non-government organizations engaged in volunteer service. It shall be composed of representatives of selected government agencies, the interfaith groups, private/civic organizations and foreign and international organizations; to be organized and chaired by the Director of PNVSCA.

SEC. 7. Functions of the Multi-Sectoral Advisory Body—The multi-sectoral advisory body shall have the following functions:

a) Assist in the formulation of policies, plans and programs pertaining to volunteer services;

b) Provide consultative and technical advisory services on volunteer matters;

c) Enhance and strengthen linkages among and between various volunteer groups and client communities.

SEC. 8. Definition of Terms—For the purpose of this Order:

a) Volunteer Service Organization—means any domestic or foreign group of volunteer workers organized and trained to plan and implement local or domestic volunteer service programs.

b) Volunteer Service Program—refers to a volunteer service planned for implementation by a volunteer service organization.

SEC. 9. Admission of Foreign Volunteer Service Worker—No foreign volunteer service worker shall be admitted into the Philippines unless the sending foreign country or foreign private organization has entered into an agreement for foreign volunteer service program with the government of the Philippines.

SEC. 10. Registration—All volunteer service organizations and workers shall, before performing any volunteer service in any place in the country, register with PNVSCA. All existing volunteer service organizations and workers now performing volunteer service in the country shall likewise register with PNVSCA within thirty (30) days after the effectivity of this Order.

SEC. 11. Contents of the Registration Form—The registration statement shall set forth the following:

a) The registrant’s full name, age, place of birth, citizenship, civil status, principal business and residence addresses in the Philippines or elsewhere, if any. If the registrant is a partnership, association or corporation, the application shall be accompanied by a certified copy of its charter, articles of incorporation or associating constitution and by-laws and any other instrument relating to its organization, powers and purposes;

b) The name of the foreign volunteer service worker’s domestic or foreign organization affiliation; passport and visa number;

c) A copy of the contracts or employment, or in the absence thereof, a full statement of the terms and conditions under which such person acts or agrees to work as a foreign volunteer;

d) A detailed statement of every activity which the registrant is performing or is assuming or purporting or has agreed to perform;

e) Such other statements, information or documents as the Director of the PNVSCA for the purposes of this may from time to time require.

SEC. 12. Change of Visa Status—No foreign visitor entering the Philippines or already in the country, shall apply for a change of status.

SEC. 13. Prohibited Acts—A foreign volunteer service worker shall not perform any of following:

a) Accept other remunerative employment during his assignment.

b) Make, directly or indirectly, any contribution of money or other things of value, or promise expressly or impliedly to make any such contribution, in connection with any convention, caucus or other process to select candidates for any political office.

c) Participate in political activities.

d) Solicit contributions.

e) Act in violation of the rules and regulations prescribed by the PNVSCA.

SEC. 14. Penalty for Any Violation—Any foreign volunteer service worker who commits any of the above prohibited acts shall face corresponding cancellation of his visa and confiscation of his passport while any domestic volunteer service worker committing any such violation shall face charges before our domestic court.

SEC. 15. Rules and Regulations—The Director shall promulgate such rules and regulations as may be necessary to implement the provisions of this Order. Such rules and regulations shall be effective after fifteen (15) days following their publication in the Official Gazette.

Done in the City of Manila, this 12th day of December, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty.

President of the Philippines

By the President:

Senior Presidential Assistant