Written by: Alyssa Marie Villa

In photo (left to right) Ms. Harriet Tauli – Strategic Partnership Division, Ms. Alyssa Nicole Pogiongko –Development Management Officer, Ms. Aimee Evangelista –Senior Science Research Specialist, Mr. Alexis Lapiz –Chief, Strategic Partnership Division, Mr. Donald James Gawe – PNVSCA Executive Director, Ms. Ela Victoria Sarmago – PNVSCA Deputy Executive Director, Ms. Fely Baday – PNVSCA Supervising VSO, Ms. Alyssa Villa – PNVSCA VSO II, Mr. Ludwig Federigan – Head, Information and Knowledge Management Division.

The Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA) met with the Climate Change Commission (CCC) on 14 February 2023 to look for possible synergies in mainstreaming volunteerism as a development strategy towards a climate-resilient and climate-smart Philippines.

There was productive conversation as both agencies perceives a valuable convergence in advocating volunteerism and raising awareness and enriching stakeholders’ knowledge on climate change during the Earth Month and Annual CCC Week celebration. Moreover, as CCC engages more partners from the private sector, civil society organizations, academe, national government agencies, and local government units, mobilization of its volunteers is an area that can be worked on. Hence, PNVSCA put forward possible assistance trough the conduct of Volunteer Management training that will capacitate participants to establish their own mechanism in engaging volunteers.

Another area for possible collaboration is the development of a system to  recognize contributions of volunteers and volunteer engaging organizations, as well as other CCC partners with notable contributions to accelerate climate action.


The author is currently the Volunteer Service Officer II of the Program Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PCMED), Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency.

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