Written by: Alyssa Villa

PNVSCA has been taking the lead in advocating and recognizing the contributions of volunteers to nation-building and international cooperation especially the volunteering efforts during disasters which have been amplified in the course of time.  

As the clearinghouse for matters pertaining to international volunteer services, the Agency has issued the Office Circular No. XIV s. 2021 pertaining to the “Registration of NGOs Engaging DRRM Foreign Volunteers as Volunteer Mobilizing Organizations (VMOs) Pursuant to the NDRRMC Memorandum Circular 64 S. 2021”.

All NGO Local Partner Institutions (NGO-LPIs) engaging DRRM foreign volunteers are directed to register as Volunteer Mobilizing Organizations (VMOs) in their areas of operation.

NDRRMC MC No. 64 s. 2021 prescribes the guidelines on the accreditation, mobilization, and protection of community disaster volunteers that present the enabling policies needed to operationalize the accreditation, mobilization, and protection of community disaster volunteers and respond to the call to promote, adopt, and strengthen volunteerism among Filipinos, particularly in addressing disaster risk reduction and management pursuant to Section 13  of RA 101211 directing the Accreditation, Mobilization, and Protection of Disaster Volunteers and National Service Reserve Corps, CSOs, and the Private Sector. 

The registration of NGO-LPIs as VMOs ensures that the volunteering efforts of foreign volunteers are aligned with the community thrusts and priorities.

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NDRRMC MC 64 S. 2021

The author is currently the Volunteer Service Officer II of the Program Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation Division, Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency.

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