Guidelines on the Recognition of the BayaNEDAhan Best Project

  1. Introduction

    The BayaNEDAhan is an initiative to inculcate the culture of volunteerism among the men and women employees of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and its attached agencies, and serve as a model for other government institutions towards a wider volunteer practice among public servants.

    The Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA), being one of the NEDA attached agencies, would like utilize the BayaNEDAhan to pursue the provisions of the Republic Act No. 9418 known as “The Volunteer Act of 2007” for the Agency to spearhead the recognition and modelling of best volunteer practices as an important component of implementing development programs and projects and undertaking humanitarian activities. Hence, this recognition of BayaNEDAhan Best Project.

  2. Objectives

    To inculcate the practice of volunteerism among the male and female employees of government agencies towards a society where volunteerism is a way of life of everyone, this initiative aims to:

    1. Pursue Section 18 of the IRR of RA 9418 on the “recognition and modeling of best volunteer practices”;
    2. Identify volunteer projects with potential for replication; and
    3. Inspire other government agencies to encourage and recognize volunteerism efforts of its present and former employees.

  3. Timeline

    Call for Participation September
    Deadline of Submission of Entries November 18
    Initial Screening November 22-26
    Final Presentation and Pitch December 3
    Final Screening December 6-10
    Awarding/Recognition December 16/17

  4. Eligibility/Qualifications/Criteria for Recognition

    1. Eligibility/Qualifications of Volunteering Projects/Activities

      1. Involves the male and female employees of the NEDA and its attached agencies1, and may be joined with the Agencies’ former staff, including retired staff;
      2. Maybe implemented solely by the NEDA and its attached agencies employee groups2 and/or organizations at the Central Office and Regional Offices, or may be implemented in collaboration with other groups/organizations.;
      3. Completed or continuing projects implemented in the last 3 years from 16 November 2018 to 15 November 2021;
      4. Must have clarity of concept and done in consultation with beneficiaries/stakeholders; and
      5. At least 50% of the resources (time, talent & treasure) used were contributed by the employee volunteers.

    2. Criteria:

      Criteria Weight Rating
      Points Description
      1. Most Collaborative 30 points 10 Only one employee group/organization from a NEDA or attached Agency unit is involved
      20 Two employee groups/organizations from two NEDA and/or attached Agency units are involved
      30 Three or more employee groups/organizations from three or more NEDA and/or attached Agency units are involved
      2. Potential for Replication and Sustainability 40 points Max
      Clarity of concept
      10 Consultation with beneficiaries/stakeholders
      20 Responded to expressed need of the community/target population
      3. Directness of Volunteering Involvement 20 points 10 Fund raising only and partner organization implemented the project
      15 Fund raising and members of the org participated in actual volunteering work together with the partner organization
      20 Fund raising and members of the group/org directly implemented the volunteering work
      4. Support from Management 10 points 10 Support from management
      Total 100 points

  5. Submission of Entries and Validation Process

    1. PNVSCA will issue the call for entries in September 2021.
    2. The entry form will be made available to the national and regional offices of NEDA its Attached Agencies both in Google form and in Word format.
    3. Entry forms together with the project design and 5-minute AVP must be submitted to PNVSCA, not later 12MN of 18 November 2021.
    4. Table and/or document review and validation entries will be done by the Screening Secretariat shortlist the entries as necessary.
    5. The Screening Committee to be composed by PNVSCA shall conduct the screening and validation of the shortlisted entries using the information provided in the project design, the 5 minutes AVP and the virtual final presentation and pitch of the shortlisted project entries.
    6. PNVSCA will provide a score sheet in excel format for easy computation of scores. Members of the Search Committee may also provide additional remarks, especially on the qualitative aspects, such as the impact of volunteer work to beneficiaries. Both the quantitative and qualitative aspects will be used as references during the deliberation process.
    7. The projects that will garner the top five highest score will be declared as the best project awardees.
    8. From among the top 5 recommended by the Search Committee, the NEDA OSEC shall determine the ranking.

  6. Award and Recognition

    1. General Recognition – each volunteer member of the of the group/organization who implemented winning projects will receive a Certificate of Appreciation.
    2. BayaNEDAhan Best Project – first up to fifth prize winners will each receive a trophy and the corresponding cash prizes.
    3. Cash prizes are as follows: >
      Rank Cash Prize
      First Prize Php 50,000.00
      2nd Prize Php 40,000.00
      3rd Prize Php 30,000.00
      4th Prize Php 20,000.00
      5th Prize Php 10,000.00
      This is subject to 20% tax if named to an individual.

  7. Recognition Ceremonies/Activities

    A virtual awarding ceremony will be conducted in December to formally present the five (5) recipients of the BayaNEDAhan Best Project award. Each awardee will be given a trophy and the corresponding cash prizes as well as the individual certificates for its members. All awardees will be invited to attend the said event. (Note: The exact date will be coordinated with NEDA OSEC.)

    The story of each winning project will be featured in the PNVSCA website and Facebook page for the month of December 2021 and January 2022.