According to an article in Britannica by George Epperson, MUSIC is defined as the art concerned with combining vocal or instrumental sounds for beauty of form or emotional expression, usually according to cultural standards of rhythm, melody, and, in most Western music, harmony. Music is an art that, in one guise or another, permeates every human society. Music is a protean art; it lends itself easily to alliances with words, as in song, and with physical movement, as in dance. Throughout history, music has been an important adjunct to ritual and drama and has been credited with the capacity to reflect and influence human emotion. Thus, music is a good medium to promote volunteerism in all parts of the country regardless of age.

    It is also said that music belongs to everyone, regardless of race, creed, age, or status in life. Music also speaks from the soul and is considered as the universal language. It reaches out and expresses what words are unable to say. It breaks barriers of time and space, provides comfort for the grieving, and calms the anxious mind. It is a special gift that everyone can share, and as they say, the world would be a desolate and sad place without it. (The Magic that is Music: the True Language of the Human Soul by Bernadine Racoma. https://www.daytranslations.com/blog/magic-music-language/)

    The Philippine Volunteers’ March was a project of PNVSCA when the agency celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 1984. The March was originally composed by Jesus M. Elbinias, Retired Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals and sung by the Supreme Court of the Philippines Choir. As the years went by, the Volunteers’ March has always been played whenever PNVSCA conducts events/webinars to give awareness to the public on how we can further advocate the mandate of the agency, yet it remains to be unpopular not only to the general public but even to many of PNVSCA partners and stakeholders.

    Section 9 of the Republic Act No. 9418 mandates the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA) to undertake advocacy for the promotion and recognition of volunteerism as a tool for development. In line with this, the Agency conducts advocacy activities to enjoin a wider group of stakeholders to participate in volunteering initiatives.

    This year, the Agency proposes to conduct a Song Translation Contest of the Volunteers’ March into different local languages of the Philippines. The contest will be conducted as part of the NVM celebration and will be launched in August in time to end the Buwan ng Wika celebration. This will further promote the spirit of volunteerism and heighten the understanding of the general public on the significance of volunteerism.


    1. To popularize the Volunteers’ March in various local languages as a means to promote volunteerism.
    2. To increase the general public’s awareness about PNVSCA and its programs and services.
    3. To continue to highlight the inspiring accomplishments/contributions of volunteers to respond to the pandemic.


    1. Eligibility
      1. The contest is open to all Filipino individuals, groups, organizations, or schools (private or public).
      2. Participants may be an individual or a group with not more than 30 members.
      3. Participants may be in individual or in groups with not more than 30 members.
      4. Officials and employees of PNVSCA, NEDA and their relatives up to the second degree of affinity or consanguinity are not eligible to join the contest.
      5. PNVSCA promotes inclusivity and equality and welcomes entries from individuals regardless of sex, age, religion, race or ethnicity, ability, language, and sexual orientation or gender identity.
    2. Specifications of entries
      1. Entries must adhere to the following requirements:

        1. Must be an original dialect translation (including Filipino) of the Philippine Volunteers’ March (Please access the original and instrumental versions of the March on PNVSCA website: https://www.pnvsca.gov.ph/) The NROs/RDCs may select the most popular ethnolinguistic version, or they may opt that the participants choose their own dialect.
        2. Must provide a soft copy (in .pdf format) of the translated lyrics of the Volunteers March.
        3. Perform the translated version in video format/AVP (.mp4, .mov, .m4v) using the March’s instrumental and interpreted by solo, duet, or group of singers in local dialect/language.
        4. The original march is performed for 2 minutes but audio videos may be added as preliminaries or closing, including the credits at the end of the video as long as the entire entry does not exceed 3 minutes.
      2. Entries must get certification on the accuracy of the translation from any of the following (pro forma attached):
        • Local Government Unit (Office of the Mayor/Governor, Office of the Cultural Affairs, School Board, etc.);
        • State University or College (SUC) or Private university, Basic Education schools;
        • National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP); Office on Muslim Affairs (OMA).
      3. Entries should have not been submitted to or won in any other contests nor have been published or shown in any local or international publications and/or other media forms.
      4. Entries should not contain obscene, offensive, or inappropriate content.
      5. The AVP should only include “original” videos relevant to the song and must not be taken from the internet.
    3. Submission of entries
      1. The participant must submit to PNVSCA the following:
        1. Video performance of the translated version of the Philippine Volunteers’ March (.mp4, .mov, .m4v format) sent thru email google drive link or thru USB
        2. a soft copy of the translated lyrics in local dialect (in .pdf format);
        3. certification document from the LGU, SUC, NCIP or OMA; and
        4. entry form and/or consent form (for participants who are below 18 years old) – both are available for download at www.pnvsca.gov.ph and www.facebook.com/PNVSCA.
      2. Entries must be submitted through any of the following, with title – Volunteers’ March Song Translation Contest_Name of Contestant:
        By email: info@pnvsca.gov.ph.
        By courier/mail: Executive Director Donald James D. Gawe
        Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency
        Ground Floor, Sugar Center Building, North Avenue,
        Diliman, Quezon City

        *Applicants to copy furnish NROs.

        *Note: Should there be numerous entries in the region, the NRO/BPDA/DILG-NCR may conduct preselection and identify at most 10 entries per region. The region may adopt its own criteria taking into consideration that the regional and national winners will be chosen through most likes on FB.

      3. Once entries have been submitted, PNVSCA will post the entries on its Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn pages.
      4. Submission of entries to PNVSCA shall be from September 1, 2021 to October 30, 2021. If necessary, PNVSCA reserves the right to extend the deadline of the contest. SUBMISSION OF ENTRIES IS EXTENDED UNTIL NOVEMBER 15, 2021.
      5. All entries will be acknowledged upon receipt.
      6. All song translation entries shall be the property of PNVSCA and may be used by the Agency in its advocacy activities without compensation but with due credit to the participant.


    1. The winners will receive a Certificate of Recognition and the following cash prizes:

      One (1) Grand Prize Winner Php 37,500 (inclusive of 20% tax)
      Sixteen (16) Consolation prizes
      (one per region)
      Php 10,000.00
    2. All qualified participants will receive a Certificate of Appreciation.
    3. Winning entries may also be played during PNVSCA/NRO events/activities.


    1. All entries shall be pre-screened by the PNVSCA/RDCs/NROs to ensure compliance to the mechanics. The PNVSCA/RDCs/NROs has the right to validate the originality of all entries and information about the participant. Entries that do not comply with the specifications and entry requirements shall be disqualified.
    2. For Regional Winners: PNVSCA will post the regional entries in its FB page for a period of two weeks (October) and determine the 17 regional entries. The Top 17 regional entries with the most number of likes shall compete for the national award. PNVSCA will submit the 17 regional entries to the NROs for confirmation.
    3. For National Winner: PNVSCA shall post all the 17 regional winning entries in its FB Page for a period of two weeks (November). Again, the entry with the most number of likes shall be declared as the national winner (Most Popular Version); while the other 16 regional winners, will receive a consolation prize.
    4. The winners will be notified by PNVSCA through email and will be announced on PNVSCA’s website, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


    PNVSCA will promote the Volunteers’ March Translation Contest through letters, emails, and announcements in different media platforms. PNVSCA will also seek the usual support and assistance of the National Volunteer Month Steering Committee (NVM-SC), NEDA Regional Offices, and other partners in the promotion of the said activity.

    All entries shall be submitted to PNVSCA, cc NEDA Regional Offices, which shall be posted on PNVSCA social media accounts (FB-link, YouTube, LinkedIn-link). Posting 2 weeks per region. (posting simultaneously of a number of videos on YT, FB pages for further study)


    Activity Date/Timeline Responsibility Support Needed from NROs
    A. Launch 27 Aug 2021 PATSD Participate in the Launch
    B. Submission of entries 27 Aug to 30 Oct 2021 PATSD and NROs
    PATSD to seek confirmation of entries from NROs and post entries on FB
    NROs will help in consolidating and reviewing the entries in their respective regions, ensuring that they comply with the mechanics.
    C. Promotion in different platforms 27 Aug to 30 Nov 2021 PATSD NROs may also promote the contests/entries from their respective regions during partners’ meetings and other activities.
    D. Posting of shortlisted entries on PNVSCA social media pages (Regional) 1-12 Nov PATSD, NROs
    PNVSCA to post regional entries on its Facebook page.
    NROs to promote and share PNVSCA’s post through their Facebook pages.
    E. Announcement of Top 17 Regional Winners 3rd week of November PATSD, NROs
    PATSD to post regional winners on its Facebook page.
    NROs to promote and share through their Facebook pages.
    F. Posting of shortlisted entries on PNVSCA social media pages (National) 15 to 26 Nov 2021 PATSD, NROs
    PATSD to post top 17 entries on its Facebook page.
    NROs to promote and share through their Facebook pages, and assist in informing the winners, when needed.
    NROs may also opt to hold an Awarding Ceremony in their respective regions.
    G. Announcement of the National winner – the most number of likes on Facebook 2nd week of December PATSD, NROs
    PATSD to post the National winner on its Facebook page.
    NROs to promote and share through their Facebook pages.
    H. Awarding and Recognition: December 2021 (specific date to be announced in line with the SOCV Awarding Ceremony) ___ Dec 2021 PATSD, NROs NROs to attend the awarding ceremony for assistance.