Written by: Anthony Bagano Jr.

The City of San Jose Del Monte (SJDM) requested PNVSCA to provide a briefing on volunteerism as it commits to mainstream it as a strategy to achieve the targets of all the local departments.  In its Strategic Performance Review Cum Division Performance and Commitment Review (DPCR) on February 12, 2024. Mr. Kenneth C. Siruelo, MNSA and Anthony K. Bagano Jr. of Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA) provided a briefing on volunteerism.

The event acknowledged the vital role of volunteerism in strengthening government community relations, enhancing service delivery, and contributing to a more resilient and connected society. 

Dr. Dennis M. Booth, SJDM City Administrator, introduced PNVSCA as the lead agency in advocating volunteerism as a strategy for attaining national development in his opening remarks.

In photo: Mr. Kenneth Siruelo engaging the SJDM division heads.

In his talk on the topic, “Orientation on Volunteerism as a Development Strategy for Local Government Units (LGUs), Mr. Siruelo, Officer-in-Charge of the Policy, Advocacy and Technical Services Division (PATSD) of PNVSCA, elaborated on the definition, concepts, and paradigms of volunteerism. He highlighted the significance and relevance of adopting volunteerism as a developmental strategy in filling in the government office’s insufficient budget and workforce in maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of the PPAs of the LGU.

Moreover, Mr. Siruelo enumerated steps the city government of SDJM can take in institutionalizing and mainstreaming volunteerism in the local government.

In photo: SDJM LGU Division Heads during the Orientation on Volunteerism as a Developmental Strategy for LGUs.

During the open forum, Dr. Booth emphasized the value of volunteerism in the implementation of the different offices’ DPCRs and PPAs. He encouraged all the division heads to foster the Bayanihan spirit and solidarity embedded in the Filipino culture.

In addition, the Administrator said that divisions should also allocate budget to support volunteers through training, orientation, and deployment. SDJM hopes to improve the conduct of their PPAs through volunteerism and to have a volunteerism city ordinance that will enable a structured volunteerism program and mechanism like Baguio City.

Mr. Robert P. Ramirez Jr., Senior Tourism Officer, shared the SJDM Community Planting Program, a tree-planting activity that started during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hikers were the major participants on the onset of the program. At present, schools and civil service organizations (CSOs) proactively inquire and participate in the program.

Subsequently, the PNVSCA team met with Mayor Arthur Robes and discussed ways volunteerism can be beneficial to the LGU and the city. For instance, the availability of a volunteer ordinance in the city can attract private corporations to implement their corporate social responsibilities projects. More than the economic benefits, a conducive volunteer environment will ignite the values of service, giving and camaraderie in all the sectors.

In photo: Mayor Arthur Robes (middle), City Administrator Dr. Dennis Booth (far left), and Chief of Staff Nolly D. Concepcion (far right).

Mayor Robes showed positive interest in the institutionalization of volunteerism in SDJM as it can boost the city’s development especially that the city is one of the top residential choices, a reflection on its growing population of 700,000 (est.) at present.

The session underscores the significance of commitment and alignment of LGUs in incorporating volunteerism as a developmental strategy to implement and accomplish productive and efficient PPAs in holistically improving the lives of Filipinos.


The author is currently the Volunteer Service Officer II of the Policy, Advocacy, and Technical Services Division (PATSD), Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency.

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