Written by: Tricia Marie B. Ayala

PNVSCA welcomed Ms. Stephanie Feugere, Reciprocity Program Manager of Delegacion Catholique pour la Cooperacion (DCC). Together with France Volontaires (FV) National Representative Ms. Nanette Repalpa, they paid a courtesy visit to Executive Director Donald James Gawe on 10 June 2022.

In a brief meeting, Ms. Feugere shared some of her experiences during her previous stint as a representative of France Voluntaires in the country, who facilitated FV’s registration with SEC and started the process of registration with PNVSCA. She highlighted the purpose of her visit and discussed their interest to explore potential partnerships, and widen their network in order to expand the reciprocity volunteer program in the Philippines. 

During the meeting, DCC and PNVSCA expressed commitment to a deeper engagement and improved partnership to improve the reciprocity volunteer program and increase its impact. Director Gawe affirmed the Agency’s support for the said initiatives, however, he also raised the possibility of assessing the engagement as well as measuring the impact of the overseas volunteer placement of the program. In relation to this, Director Gawe cited the next steps for FV to send Filipino volunteers overseas.

Delegacion Catholique pour La Cooperacion (DCC) is one of the volunteer sending organizations partnered with France Volontaires, a registered International Volunteer Service organization with PNVSCA.

From left to right: France Volontaires National Representative Nanette Repalpa, Delegacion Catholique pour la Cooperacion Reciprocity Program Manager Stephanie Feugere, and PNVSCA Executive Director Donald James Gawe, pose for a photo together with PNVSCA Chief VSO Ela Victoria Sarmago and Sr. VSO Teresita Bahom


The author is currently the Volunteer Service Officer II of the Program Coordination, Monitoring & Evaluation Division, Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency.

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