Written by: Tess Bahom

The new JICA Chief Representative SAKAMOTO Takema met with PNVSCA Executive Director Donald James D. Gawe on 19 April 2022 at the JICA Philippine Office in Makati City.

During the meeting, Mr. Sakamoto emphasized JICA’s commitment to expand the assistance to the Philippines and fully utilize every instrument to support not only the ongoing priority infrastructure projects of the government but also to continue the financial grant assistance, technical cooperation, Public Private Partnerships (PPP) promotion and the people to people exchange for mutual understanding and respect which include the dispatch of volunteers under the JOCV program which was suspended due to the pandemic and will re-start soon.

ED Gawe expressed his appreciation for JICA’s assurance in further strengthening and expanding the development cooperation between Japan and the Philippines and in the continued deployment JOCV volunteers in the Philippines. He also shared the PNVSCA’s current effort of advocating the mainstreaming of volunteerism in all sectors and encouraging the need to analyze volunteer opportunities along the value chain to be able to see the convergence of volunteer efforts.

Also highlighted during the meeting is the affirmation from both JICA and PNVSCA for a closer cooperation and improved relationship towards revitalizing the volunteer program that will provide greater impact.  The meeting concluded with a photo opportunity with JICA and PNVSCA staff and officials.

From left to right: SAKATANI Naomi, Roxanne De los Santos, Teresita Bahom, Ela Victoria Sarmago, ED Donald James Gawe, Chief Representative SAKAMOTO Takema, HIROSAWA Jin, FUKUI Masakazu, Lara Javier and ASADA Eri

The author is currently the Senior Volunteer Service Officer of the Program Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation Division (PCMED), Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency.

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