Written by: Alyssa Marie Villa

Due to the ongoing health crisis and aftermath of natural calamities, implementation of programs and activities became a challenge for different agencies, offices, and organizations.

PNVSCA is no exception to these challenges. Yet, throughout the year, the Agency was able to efficiently and effectively implement its activities such as conduct of trainings, advocacy, fora and webinars, sectoral consultations, creation of technical working groups, and capacity building activities which paved the way in achieving the priority thrusts for 2021. More so, PNVSCA also conducted the National Volunteer Month celebration in December. This became possible and successful because of the enormous and unceasing support of its partner agencies, organizations, and individuals. Hence, PNVSCA conducted a partnership recognition on December 28, 2021 via Zoom and Facebook Live to extend its gratitude and appreciation for the assistance and commitment devoted by its partners in raising awareness and promoting volunteerism in the country. The recognition also served as the closing ceremony for the National Volunteer Month celebration.

A total of 83 awardees were recognized (30 individuals and 53 organizations) in grateful appreciation of their continued support to PNVSCA’s 2021 activities towards strengthened Volunteerism for Development. The partnership recognition aims to create a culture of recognition where all partners in volunteering for development are stimulated and appreciated; to inspire high performance of partners for volunteering for development, and; to further strengthen the network among partners in the voluntary sector.

Here are some of the awardees’ responses to the partnership recognition:

“I didn’t expect this award but I’m grateful to PNVSCA for this award. Salamat po. More activities in the future.” – Ms. Vivian Rosales-Ocon (NEDA Region VII)

“Thank you PNVSCA for recognizing our efforts. Salamat po.” – Mr. Joel Unciano (NEDA Region II)

“On behalf of Bulacan State University and our University President, Dr. Cecilia Gascon, our warmest gratitude for this recognition. Thank you and Happy New Year!” – Ms. Laura Llarena (BulSu)

“Maraming salamat. We look forward to future partnership with PNVSCA.” – Dr. Alice Acejas (ASI)

“On behalf of UPLB and Chancellor Camacho Jr., maraming salamat po and hoping for further partnerships not only with PNVSCA pero po sa lahat po ng nandito for further community and public service. Thank you so much” – Mr. Jose Limbay Espaldon (UPLB Ugnayan ng Pahinungod)

“Thank you very much, PNVSCA. Congratulations to Director Donald Gawe for a very successful celebration of the National Volunteer Month. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate. Thank you very much.” – RD Teresita Socorro Ramos (NEDA Region XII)

For the closing remarks, PNVSCA Executive Director Donald James D. Gawe thanked all the partners for their support to the Agency’s activities as well as their noble spirit of public service. He emphasized that their support and contributions in serving fellow citizens despite the restrictions in place due to the pandemic, through the strong collaboration and partnership, everyone can be certain of a brighter and better future ahead.

Ending with a toast of appreciation, ED Gawe expressed:

“To all our partners, this may be the closing of the National Volunteer Month, but it can also be the first day of a renewed commitment–a renewed commitment to continue serving the community through volunteer programs, and be a catalyst of change. Let us continue our important mission as advocates and champions of volunteerism for development. Maraming salamat at nawa’y patuloy nating pag-alabin ang diwa ng Bayanihan!”

Truly, the spirit of “bayanihan” continues to inspire optimism for our country even in the current times. Volunteerism has helped numerous lives to continue to rise above the crises being brought about by the pandemic.

Again, to the awardees as well to all PNVSCA partners, congratulations and thank you very much for your overflowing and unceasing support to the Agency’s programs and activities. As we welcome a new year, may we also celebrate and create stronger partnerships for 2022!