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Category: Organization Non-profit SOV Awardee FY: 2019

As young students, we spend most of our productive time at school, where we are molded into what we are in the future. The University of La Salette High School is no different, except that it instills in their young students the virtue of sharing and giving, developing and strengthening their spirit of volunteerism through exposure to various community oriented activities.

Through the Outreach Program, the school provides various forms of community, public and volunteer service as well as assistance to the government. The focus of this program is the concern for the spiritual, socio-economic and sustainability development of the school's client communities. In 2009, the National Statistics and Coordination Board (NCSB) reported that Santiago City has reached the magnitude of 10.8% poverty incidence. In the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR) survey conducted by DSWD in 2012, about 1,971 poor households have been identified belonging to the family with income bracket below the regional poverty threshold. This number comprises the 6.06% of the projected total household population of 32,485 in 2012. Through the program, the school becomes a strong partner in promoting and improving the community life and conditions and be a part of the social welfare assistance for poverty alleviation and development interventions of the local government.

Its A.K.A.P. ng La Salette (Alay ng Kwaderno, Karunungan at Panulat) benefited underprivileged children in the far-flung areas of the city who are in dire need of school supplies. The program has benefited more than 1,700 poor children whose habit to learn were greatly affected because of the lack of basic school supplies.

The annual Alay Sa Belen Immersion Activity is a weeklong event that is meant to bring ULSHS to the community. The main objective of the activity is for the students to learn how to empathize, to be more compassionate, to be more understanding of the poverty situation of the community. Other notable programs of the school which brings the students, alumni, employees and non-ULSHS people to the community and experience firsthand the spirit of volunteerism are 1. Tulong Saletino, a special project of the office that responds to the call of at least 300 victims of calamities every year, 2. Catechism Classes in coordination with the Department of Education Division of Santiago, where chosen 4th year students teach grades 4 and 5 students from July to December in two Public Schools in Santiago with around 300 students per school and the 3. Tsinelas Project or the Happy Feet in which underprivileged children each receive a pair of slippers.

Since 1983, ULSHS through its outreach program has taught humility to its students, instilled in them the spirit of giving and sharing what they have to the needy and to this day, the once High School Students of the University has fully embraced it by joining these activities and starting their own path towards volunteerism within and beyond the confines of the University.

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