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Category: Individual - Adult SOV Awardee FY: 2016

"Conflict resolution through amicable settlement is restorative justice, therefore Godly."

In his more than four decades of conflict mediation, sixty year old Engr. Andres B. Ngao-i from Tabuk City, Kalinga is is described by his colleagues as “”The Man” in tribal conflict resolution. Engr. Ngao-i negotiated more than 100 tribal and non-tribal cases involving 46 tribes of Kalinga, 10 sub-tribes of Mt. Province and 6 sub-tribes of Abra, of which about 90% were successful.. “To put an end to the tribal wars for the sake of the next generation” – this is his ultimate goal.

Engr. Ngao-I is also a strong advocate of the Indigenous Peoples Education (IPED) and was instrumental in the formulation of a Memorandum of Agreement between the Department of Education and the Province of Kalinga in the promotion of the Kalinga culture, tradition and practices.

Part of the affirmation of commitment to IPED is the inauguration of a “pakedlan”, an indigenous space for coming together among the Kankanaey peoples of Benguet where a ritual was conducted together with the IP community representatives from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The inauguration of a “pakedlan” symbolizes the recognition of indigenous learning within the education system.

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