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Category: Individual - Adult SOV Awardee FY: 2016

"One does not need to fight and win a war to become a modern day bayani"

Mr. Gusanan, 42 years old, is a B’laan villager of Eday, Columbio, Sultan Kudarat, a village plagued with famine, unstable peace condition, absence of livelihood means, illiteracy and inaccessible roads; where villagers struggled to meet life’s essentials everyday. Being an exit point of rebels, Eday residents ended up fleeing their homes as insurgents occupied the whole community. Many B’laans decided to settle in other villages and left Eday permanently.

Instead of joining the diaspora of B’laans, Mr. Gusanan voluntarily led to request help from various organizations to intervene in their situation. He volunteered in the Department of Social Welfare and Development flagship poverty reduction program, Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan-A Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services-National Community-Driven Development Program (KALAHI CIDSS-NCDDP). Mr. Gusanan served as the program’s volunteer, implementing various projects that answered the pressing needs of Eday villagers. One of the important accomplishments is the school building project which was completed with the strong participation of the community, and generated almost PhP100,000.00 savings after the project completion. The excess money and materials were enough to construct the school’s stage and water reservoir, hence benefitting hundreds of pupils.

Today, the Eday community that was considered by many as a “no man’s land” is a top performing and model barangay of Colombio.

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