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A Volunteer Program for Government Service

Bayanihang Bayan

Bayanihang Bayan builds cooperation between government and the private sector in enjoining the participation of Filipino youths, mid-career professionals, retirees and overseas Filipinos in the implementation of government programs and projects.

Commission on Higher Education
Bayanihang Bayan Desk Officers:
Mr. Charlie Calimlim
Ms. Josephine Antonio
Tel.no: 02-9101982/
Email: cvcalimlim@ched.gov.ph
Website: www.ched.gov.ph
  • Implementation of Gender & Development in all Higher Education nationwide.
  • Implementation of Scholarship & Study Grant nationwide.
  • Implementation of expanded tertiary education equivalency accreditation program.
  • Implementation of the National Service Training Program
  • Rationalization of the public higher education systems. Mapping of higher education institutions and programs.
  • Rationalization of the HEDFS Systems by conducting program advocacy for fund sourcing from local and foreign individual and private organizations using e-commerce on-line facilities.
Department of Environment & Natural Resource
Bayanihang Bayan Desk Officers:
Mr. Roy Gulane
Ms. Julie Mustapha
Tel.no: 02-9268346/9276336/9296626 loc.2039,2004,2165
Email: gulaneroy@netscape.net
Website: www.denr.gov.ph
  • Adopt-A-Mountain
  • Administrative & Support Services
  • Tree planting & Coastal Clean up
  • Tamaraw Conservation Project
Department of Education
Bayanihang Bayan Desk Officer:
Ms. Aurora Felizardo
Tel.no: 02-6388637
Email: adopt@edu.gov.ph
Website: www.deped.gov.ph
  • Adopt-A-School Program
  • Infrastructure
  • Teaching & Skills Development
  • Learning Support
  • Computer & Science laboratory equipment and library materials
Department of Health
Bayanihang Bayan Desk Officers:
Dr. Dorie Lyn Balanoba
Ms. Janet Cruz
Tel.no: 02-7811724
Website: www.doh.gov.ph
  • Medical services: Outreach Program, Nursing Services, Pediatrics, OB-Gyne, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Out-patient, Laboratory
  • Healthy Lifestyle Program
  • Human & Material Resources
Department of Social Welfare & Development
Bayanihang Bayan Desk Officer:
Ms. Leelin Dino
Tel.no: 02-9318101 loc.105
Website: www.dswd.gov.ph
  • Professional Services: Spiritual Enrichment, Therapy, Psychological Evaluation, Medical, Educational
  • Caregiving & Homelife Service
  • Capacity Building
  • Administrative
  • Resource Generation
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