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Tapping the skills of Filipinos for development projects in communities where they live


The Volunteers for Information and Development Assistance (VIDA) Program is the platform for local volunteering designed for Filipino volunteers who wish to share their skills and know how in the development projects of their own community. It provides youths and adults the opportunity to hone their skills further through volunteering.

The VIDA Program has deployed 299 volunteers in 103 institutions and organizations since 2009. They are found mostly in programs and projects of LGUs, NGAs, academic institutions and NGOs. VIDA volunteers serve as frontline workers assisting projects health and nutrition, early childhood development, functional literacy, environmental conservation, agriculture, enterprise development, cooperatives, livelihood and peace building.

In support to the ongoing peace program in Mindanao, the VIDA program partnered with the UNDP Multi-Donor Assistance Program (MDP) in 2002 to resettle rebel returnees of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) into the mainstream society. The VIDA volunteers coming mostly from the families and communities of the rebel returnees who worked as Peace and Development Advocates (PDAs), have been instrumental in accelerating peace process and dialogue due to their familiarity with the issues and problems. They worked as community facilitators, educators, trainors and mobilizers for the target communities of the project. VIDA PDAs played a critical role in establishing the trust and confidence of the rebel returnees and their families. They proved adequate in defusing the tensions in beneficiary communities through effective peace advocacy in view of their familiarity with the issues and the language and culture in their own localities. PDAs have become adept in cascading the peace initiatives of the government their due to genuine concern and identification and realtions with the families of the beneficiaries.

The program is undoubtedly an ideal avenue for the youths and adults to find creative expression of talent and energy for their own communities while finding a fertile opportunity for personal and career growth and an effective grounding for social leadership in the end.


Project Identification/Request for VIDA Volunteer Assistance. A project to be assisted by a VIDA is identified from among the requests submitted to PNVSCA by government agencies, local government units and non-government organizations. Selection of projects is based on the national development priorities of government and needs of projects.

Identification of Volunteers. Along with the request for volunteer, VIDA candidates are nominated by the requesting agency (RA) to PNVSCA. A VIDA volunteer shall have the following basic qualification:

  • at least 18 years old
  • possesses technical skills required in project implementation
  • unemployed and willing to render full time service
  • a resident of the community where he/she will be assigned
  • must not be holding any elective position
  • physically and morally fit

Criteria for Selection. VIDAs are selected based on their commitment to volunteering, learning and development; ability to work with others and technical competence.

Pre-Service Orientation. PNVSCA provides the VIDA volunteers pre-service orientation on the volunteer program and training on selected areas which will enable them to effectively perform their role as volunteers and development facilitators.

Deployment. VIDAs are assigned to projects in their own communities. The volunteers serve full time and receive a monthly living allowance of P2,000.00 from PNVSCA. They are also provided with health and life insurance. Work-related travel expenses are borne by the host organization.

Monitoring and Supervision. Host organization (HO) directly supervise the VIDA. PNVSCA monitors the VIDA assignment through field visits and monthly reports submitted by the volunteers and HO. Tripartite consultations among HO, PNVSCA and concerned VIDA are undertaken to address issues and concerns affecting volunteer assignment. Upon completion of assignment, the VIDA submit, a terminal report to PNVSCA.

Extension and Replacement. Requests for VIDA extension or replacement are submitted by host organizations to PNVSCA for evaluation and approval. Requests for extension needs the concurrence of the VIDA volunteer. A VIDA can serve for a maximum period of three (3) years.

VIDA Application Form
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