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14 December 2017 Volunteerism in the Eyes of Various Artists

Written by: Janine Francisco

Artists from all over the country and from all walks of life participated in the Volunteerism Poster Making Contest of the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA). Pursuant to its mandate to promote volunteerism and with the current administration's ten-point socioeconomic agenda which include the promotion of creative arts, the PNVSCA has rolled out the said Poster Making Contest in July 2017 with the theme 'Boluntarismo: Daan Tungo sa Pagbabago!'

Fifty-two contestants ranging from students, teachers, government employees, visual artists, freelance designers, among others, joined the contest. The judging was conducted on 21 and 22 November 2017.

Mr. Donald T. Palabay, a teacher from La Union, won the Grand Prize of Php 20,000.00 with his artwork entitled 'Daan sa Pagbabago ang Kamay ng Pag-ibig at Pag-asa'.

Artist: Donald T. Palabay, Grand Winner

Description: 'Ang ating mga kamay ay sumasagisag sa ating paggawa, dahil sa mga gawang paglilingkod sa kapwa at lipunan na hindi naghahangad ng anumang kapalit ay nagpapakita ng wagas na pagmamahal. Sa mga kamay na ito, agad niyang sasaluhin ang kapwa tao na malapit nang mahulog sa landas ng pagkabigo, pagsuko sa kanilang hangganan at kahirapan. Kaya't ang mga kamay ring ito, kusang loob niyang hahawakan at sasaluhin upang maitaas at mailagay sila sa daan tungo sa pagbabago. Makakamit ang tunay na pagbabago sa pamamagitan ng pag-asa at pagmamahal.'

The runners-up are: (1) Mr. Emmanuel D. Emnace, (2) Mr. Jonathan V. Rivas, (3) Mr. John Harold D. Dela Rosa, and (4) Ms. Armheecel D. Argana. The runners-up will receive Php 7,500.00 each.
Artist: Emmanuel D. Emnace, Runner-up

Title: Compassion
Description: 'The implied image of the Philippine Flag shows the concept of nationhood and bayanihan that inspires the volunteerism in the Philippines. The reflected image in blue and red, portraying poverty, symbolizes the olds: the country's socio-economic issues of yesterdays which successively addressed and resolved through the help of volunteerism. The reflected image in white suggests a clear picture of the shared vision and mission of the PNVSCA and the government for making the dreams of every Filipino a reality by achieving the country's goals towards change for its continuous progress and development. The hand at the left reaching and helping the hand of the needy and the hand at the right make a giving to another hand represent the PNVSCA (Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency) who paved the way to creating avenues to make a culture of excellence to helping the government in achieving its goals for socioeconomic development through its renowned commitment and invaluable services.'
Artist: Jonathan V. Rivas, Runner-up

Title: Journey Towards a Progressive Society through Volunteerism
Description: 'This poster depicts the role of volunteerism towards an inclusive, sustainable and progressive society. It reflects the kindness, generosity and love of united individuals who are ready to serve others to make significant changes in the community. It illustrates figures of roads infused with hands which are metaphorically crafted to be in an act of reaching up an image of a progressive community. It evokes an idea that volunteerism is an essential way to change the oppressive mainstream of life in the society. Volunteerism, therefore, serves as a pathway towards development and changes.'
Artist: John Harold D. Dela Rosa, Runner-up
Title: Pun-lad (Puno para sa Pag-unlad)
Description: 'The poster depicts the volunteerism activity of the Mount 387 community located at barangay Puncan, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija. 'Kalinga sa Kalikasan ng Puncan,' headed by Roy Manuzon, is an organization founded on the community's initiative to protect and preserve the mountain's natural resources. Their main advocacy, '1 hiker, 1 tree' encourages every mountaineer to plant one tree as they hike up. By planting seedlings, hikers were not only able to contribute in preserving the mountain, but were also imparted with values on environmental protection. These small acts, when added together, makes a huge impact on our battle against climate change.'

Artist: Armheecel D. Argana, Runner-up

Title: Mamamayan ng Bayan
Description: 'The promotion of goodness to people deepened the meaning of volunteerism through this poster revealing the underlying ways to help others. The reaching hands promote the symbolism of volunteerism by the different volunteering agencies in terms of medical, physical or even emotional needs that act out in the midst of crisis to help. It features a larger image of the military volunteers because as seen in previous months, they're the ones' who had the largest contribution as our country faces various crises. Beyond the reaching hands is the path that will change the world into a better one.'

The Board of Judges is composed of former PNVSCA Executive Director Virginia Davide; Mr. Julian Tongson, former US Peace Corps Program Officer and art authenticator; and Prof. Carlito Amalla of the UP College of Fine Arts and National Awardee of the Search for Outstanding Volunteers.

The Volunteerism Poster Making Contest is a major activity of the PNVSCA in celebration of the National Volunteer Month this December.

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