Willing Heart is Better Than Precious Gold
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06 October 2017 Willing Heart is Better Than Precious Gold

Written by: Jesrael Dagdag

As part of our #NationalVolunteerMonth celebration this coming December, we are featuring the nine winning entries of our Volunteerism Story Writing Contest.

Have you ever received a gift? How was your feeling the first time you received a gift? Does it pave your way to ignite the reluctance of your spirit and soul?’ These questions are actually the first words connoted by the ISPSC NSTP ORGANIZATION as their willingness and happiness to volunteer electrify themselves as if they are luckiest people addressing the beaucoup needs of people in their community. The organization’s goal is merely thinking how significant you are in the lives of needy. It is just a clear and living manifestation that willing hearts could be the best thing that we can convey other than to have a precious gold.

It is an interesting thing that ISPSC NSTP ORGANIZATION was blessed and continue going stronger as it becomes greater and predestined to the so called ‘hope of the community’. About 2 years ago, I was impressed with the dedication of the ISPSC NSTP ORGANIZATION VOLUNTEERS. I was eating my lunch in our school canteen when I saw these volunteers working together under the heat of the sun. As they work, I have not seen any complaints from their faces. Instead, they foster camaraderie and cooperation to immediately finish their task. Moreover, as they have to take their lunch, their shining and bright smiles caught my attention because I had found out that the men behind that organization were a part of the different religious groups. From there comes the edge of unity, the element that I am looking forward within an organization. Wherever they go, their sweetest bonding and willing hearts can never be replaced and removed by precious gold. The incident stuck in my innocent mind as it confirmed my growing belief that volunteerism is still living and flourishing within a group that is surely dedicated to embrace everyone into the journey of change and unity. I was certain long ago that this is the path that life will take me. From my rocky and confusing roads of finding true and genuine volunteerism, the ISPSC NSTP ORGANIZATION became the witness of our community’s triumph and sorrows and an spectator of its everyday living and struggles. They are able to make an alternative ways to raise fund like bottle earning in the campus for selling purposes. Within this way, they were able to raise fund for the production of Table tennis apparatuses that is very significant to the athletes and to the community as well. They are also an instrument towards the beautification and imposing discipline to help heal the environment. They were able to collaborate with the different environmental agencies in cleaning the coastal areas, planting trees in the forest and even in the community based. The sustainability they have made is a clear manifestation that they are the life bearer of this beauteous environment. As they hold the key, they were also able to make an outreach programs like conducting tutorial activities in remote areas and by the help of students they were able to raise fund for the production of school supplies to the students of Silag-Pacang Elementary School. The beatification and landscaping of the Nuestra Seniora Assuncion Church was also made possible through the cooperation of the BSP of Santa Maria National High School.

Rain or shine their projects must go on. Winter or summer their goal must push through. From their community immersion in the different parts of the province, their determination is incomparable. How good to see this group of people united and working together for one mission, hope and vision. When I interviewed one of the volunteers about on how they overcome hardships and challenges in the organization, she answered, ‘hardships and challenges are normal, it is inevitable, it will pass through, just believe to God and think that what we are doing is to inspire and influence and most especially to give hope to the people. That answer whispered my ears as if I am in a world that is full of hope that no one can resist. ‘Everything we do to the best we can positively touches the lives of the people’, she added. Education and career choice are not just the focus of this organization but most importantly inspiration. For them, there are no qualifications to be a volunteer and there’s no complex code to be a savior, all you need is the living spirit in your soul to respond and embrace the needs of the community. You do not need to have a precious gold, you do not need to be famous in this world, all you need to is the willing heart that will pursue your dreams to inspire, inculcate values and soar higher for a better community.

Hence, through ISPSC NSTP ORGANIZATION our lives will be more valued by its great contribution to people and as we go through with it people will be molded greater. They will be inspired from those who exert effort to volunteer. The spirit of volunteerism helps people to become a hero, a hero who will sacrifice his time, a hero who will serve for other people, a hero who will contribute a little thing but little by little it will turn to a great contribution until they achieve their goals and aspirations in life and that’s the main reason why those concerned citizen are the so called precious gold leaders and selfless people who are not even admired by other people without even knowing that they are the real hero for today because as we face the 21st century the Filipinos are now worth living for. They don’t care for their own sake but rather they now do it in a simple but worth it action because every drop counts for those who really care. A precious gold who sacrifice and heroes who silently work are those people who involve themselves to NSTP ORGANIZATION.

As time passes by, however, men are driven by the prolific desire for the motivation to create an environment not only for the rich ones but for all humankind. When I asked the group how they conquer misunderstanding, they simply answered me ‘humility is the best key’. They are really a good role model encompassing this quality. How happy to meet these group of people. The organization strongly believed that ‘you can give, offer or share only what you have. Hence your admirable traits, talents and abilities are your gifts to others. Immerse yourself in meaningful relationships. Let people enjoy everything that are truly good and wonderful about you’. Sacrificing is an innate element among us but to truly sacrifice is to create an environment that will surely respond the impeccability of nature. It’s an honor and pride to have this ISPSC NSTP ORGANIZATION reverberating changes, innovations and inspiration for a productive and committed objectives. They work together hand on hand and they can face any challenges ahead of them. What a monumental what would have been that. And to follow these good deeds of this organization all we need is to have just to embrace the concept of brotherly love so that we could say confidently that ‘willing heart is better than precious gold’. Indeed, ISPSC NSTP ORGANIZATION is more than a precious gold, it’s a willing heart that is calling!

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