Celebrating the 2016 French Volunteering Day in the Philippines
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28 October 2016 Celebrating the 2016 French Volunteering Day in the Philippines

In collaboration with the Embassy of France to the Philippines, France Volontaires (FV) celebrated the French Volunteering Day last 7-8 October 2016 at the European School of Manila. With the theme “Championing the spirit of Bayanihan to the youth,” volunteers were given the opportunity to share their volunteering experiences inside and outside the Philippines. Among the volunteers who gave their testimonies are French nationals Ines Schmitt who was assigned in Hunan, China and Alice Batardy, a volunteer at the Virlanie Foundation, Inc; and the Youth Peer Education Network of the Philippines Secretary General Carl Angelo Ortiz. A presentation titled “Bayanihan in Modern Times” by Mr. Patrick Erestain of the Globe Telecom Citizenship Department gave a deeper understanding of today’s youths and the modern practice of volunteerism.

The two-day event was attended by French and Filipino youth volunteers. Also present in the event are Mr. Yves Oberman of the French Embassy, Chief Representative of France Volontaires in Asia, Mr. Remy Hallegouet, and representatives from the Philippine National Volunteer Services Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA).

Mr. Remy Hallegouet expressed his support to the event and discussed about the different types of volunteering missions and the volunteering relationship between the Philippines and France.Mr. Juan Angelo Rocamora delivered the message of PNVSCA Executive Director Joselito C. De Vera. He emphasized that the French volunteers were not only able to impart their skills and expertise but also instill French values and cultures that the Filipinos can emulate such as love for country, being passionate and creative, and having a strong belief for liberty and equality. He encouraged the promotion of greater collaboration among all sectors for the creation of a culture that furthers harmony and solidarity.

On the part of the French government, Mr. Oberman expressed his gratitude to the participants and encouraged learning and the interaction between the Filipino and the French volunteers.

Song and dance performances were rendered by the different organizations present. The K-Mal Foundation dance group energized the crowd through their heart-stopping moves. As a tribute to the volunteers, Virlanie Choir, who has toured around Europe, performed local and foreign songs. The presentations and performances were followed by games and sports activities.

The winners of the photo contest organized by FV were also announced. The contest was participated by volunteers.

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