3rd Volunteerism Photo Contest Winners 2019
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10 December 2019 3rd Volunteerism Photo Contest Winners 2019

Written by: Arianne Rose C. Maghanoy

Last July 15, 2019, the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency launches 3rd Volunteerism Photo Contest on 15 July 2019.

Mr. Shem Longakit, a professional photographer from Davao City bagged the Grand Prize Winner of Php 25,000.00 in the 3rd Volunteerism Photo Contest conducted by PNVSCA. The theme “Volunteerism for Development!” resonates in the 55 entries received from July to October 2019.

The 10 runners up, to win Php 10,000 each are as follows: “PWD at Work” by Mr. Klienne Eco, “Ahon” by Mr. Arturo De Vera, “Karunungan ang Yaman” by Ms. Cherry Licup-Aranda, “Clean-up Drive” by Mr. Karl Ablola, “Trees of Our Future” by Mr. Froiland Rivera, “Growing Future” by Ms. Yenna Salazar, “Ang Manunudlo sa Trolly” by Mr. June Famur Jr., “Passing the Torch” by Mr. John Samuel Nuñez, “Training the Future Abel Iloko Weavers” by Mr. Jesse Alegre and “Beyond the Structure” by Mr. Mark Christian Fernandez.

Mr. Christopher Fajardo, a Teacher of Cesar E. Vergara Memorial High School, will bag Php 5,000.00 as he receives the most number of Facebook likes that made Him the Audience Choice Award with His “Big Impact Through Small Actions” entry.

The winners were selected by the board of judges composed of Mr. Julian Tongson Jr., former Peace Corps Program Officer; Mr. Honorato Santos Jr., former USG employee and a photography hobbyist; and Mr. Paul Cyril Torrente, Information Officer II of NEDA DIS Multimedia Division and a photography hobbyist. All qualified entries were judged according to the contest mechanics as follows, relevance to the theme, aesthetics, originality and overall impact.

The Volunteerism Photo Contest is an activity for the celebration of the National Volunteer Month 2019.

Grand Prize Winner: Shem Longakit, Brgy. Ma-a, Davao City

Bayanihan. A practice of Filipinos, a call for unification towards the betterment of fellowmen.
Runner-up: Klienne Eco, Novaliches, Caloocan City
PWD at Work. This PWD worker volunteering himself to work at an NGO that helps also the Persons with Disability by building a Wheelchair.
Runner-up: Arturo De Vera, Caloocan City
Ahon. These villagers from a small town in La Union had made helping one another a habit. Whenever any fisherman needs help with his boat when tides are rough, their neighbors are always willing to lend a hand.
Runner-up: Cherry Licup-Aranda, Legazpi City, Albay
Karunungan ang Yaman. Ang bawat bata ay may karapatang bumasa, sumulat at matuto. Ang yaman na meron tayo na ating maaring ipamahagi ay ang karunungan. Karungan ang magsasalba sa buhay ng mga bata, mapapakinabangan hanggang sa kanilang pagtanda.
Runner-up: Karl Ablola, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan
Clean Up Drive. Clean up drive is a monthly activity in our barangay. Cleanliness is one of the factor to fight dengue and succeed our public servants to become a free-dengue nation by then more tourist will visit our country. In a simple way to help start is by starting it to yourself by being disciplined and by volunteering. Be a part of the solution not part of the pollution.
Runner-up: Froiland Rivera, San Andres, Manila
Trees of Our Future. Nature and development should always come hand in hand. These youths volunteered in a tree planting activity, which will create a sustainable development for our future.
Runner-up: Yenna Pamela Salazar, Bustos, Bulacan
Growing Future. It’s impossible to see the future without trees and the FUTURE is
our children. This photo only shows that children like Diether is aware if what was happening to our nature. He wanted to get involved and contribute by starting from himself, planting trees and making the world a greener place.

Runner-up: June Famur Jr., Molo, Iloilo City
Ang Manunudlo sa Trolly. Inspired by Kariton Classroom of Mr. Efren Peñaflorida, T-Classroom aims to eradicate illiteracy amongst children through improving their level of reading proficiency by having reading intervention, socialization and self-expression. This advocacy is conducted by the education students of University of Iloilo and conducted in the slums and populated barangays of Iloilo City.
Runner-up: John Samuel Nuñez, Lagonoy, Camarines Sur
Passing the Torch. Like a mother tree, we become the source of new hope in the hearts of the
future generation. The photo shows the student and the teacher relationship where the teacher is education her student in taking care of the environment portraying the spirit of volunteerism as a torch passing to the next generation for a healthier environment.

Runner-up: Jesse Alegre, Vigan, Ilocos Sur
Training the Future “Abel Iloko Weavers”. The picture depicts an old weaver who patiently and joyfully trains high school and college students the art of Abel Iloko weaving and appreciation of the traditional craft that will give them livelihood in the coming years. Abel weavers in Vigan City voluntarily trains high school and college students to learn the craft of weaving in order for them to have summer jobs while finishing their studies. Through this volunteerism, Abel Iloko industry and culture will continue to flourish and will give job opportunities to the people for development.
Runner-up: Mark Christian Fernandez, City of Iligan, Isabela
Beyond the Structure. In this world where lot of individuals wished to have a new world, be that someone who encouraged people to build functional community, to build better society and to build for the nation. The Project GABAY; Guide for Academic and Behavior Advancement is a community-based project maintained by Civil Engineering students of Isabel State University - Ilagan Campus. The volunteers give six (6) Mathematics ad Values Formation lectures every Saturday in Barangay for elementary students. It focuses on Mathematics to develop more critical thinkers since the subject enhance the mind of the youth to become problem solvers. Values formation was added since it is not already a priority in our education system in our generation but still need to be discussed. They also provide all the school materials during the conduct of the project and also give free snacks. After completing all the sessions, the volunteers distribute medals and certificate of recognition to all the students. The volunteers are now serving on their fourth barangay.
Audience Choice Award: Christopher Fajardo,Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija
Big Impact Through Small Actions. Armed with love for nature and hope for the future, students of Cesar E. Vergara Memorial High School pick up plastic bottles litter along their way to school.

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